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Dream big dreams and then make them come true!

Do you have unfulfilled dreams?
One of the questions that I always like to ask people when they seek my help for life coaching is “What is your greatest dream in life?” As you can expect the answers that I receive are the most varied and incredibly exciting. But then my next question comes and the answers I receive then always leave me very very perplexed. I ask them, “How many of those dreams have you actually turned into reality?” You can rest assured that only one in a hundred gives me a positive answer. How amazingly sad!

“Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try.”
Mary Kay Ash

So why are so many of us never fulfilling their life long dreams? What is blocking so many from ever doing what they have dreamed all their life to do? What is stopping people from achieving the things they have dreamed to achieve? What is it that people are finding so difficult to overcome? The truth of the matter is that really… there should be nothing to stop us. Yet we get blocked, we get stopped in our steps and often we get so discouraged and frustrated that we keep those dreams down inside of us for no one ever to know. How sad!

What is blocking you?
So, what is keeping people prisoners of their unfulfilled lives and is causing people to see their dreams dissolve like mist in thin air? One of the major limiting factors is our own lack of courage and/or faith in ourselves. We often lack the confidence in ourselves, in our personality, in our abilities and we tend to develop negative attitudes and thought patterns. The result is that we tend to consider many of these dreams as too far fetched, impossible and unreachable, part of an eternal wish list that will never come to pass. But it need not be like this!

You can fulfil your dreams!

I personally believe that each of us has the ability and the potential to create a comfortable, rewarding life for ourselves. Anyone of us has the abilities, right inside of us, to fulfil any dream that we ever conceived. Yet there are so many people who do never even attempt to try and fulfil their dreams, they never try and see how best to change their life because they are afraid to face their fears. They chose to remain in the ‘known area’, in the ‘comfort zone’ rather than venturing out in new grounds and start exploring how different their life could be if only they had the courage to step out. We read a story in the Bible of Peter who dared one day respond to Jesus’ calling and step out of the boat and walk on water. Peter took the courage the leave what was safe and secure and venture into a new experience which changed his life for ever.

Are you ready to walk on water?

Fear of the unknown, of the unfamiliar, of the uncharted territory is something we all learned in our childhood days. From an early age, most of us learned to adopt a negative attitude and expect a negative outcome. For example, when our children are late coming home, we parents immediately start worrying that something awful may have happened to them even though, in most cases, nothing serious actually took place. Or, if something does not go right for us once or twice, there is then a good chance that in the future we will fear the worst when ever facing similar situations. The truth of the matter is that it is our choice to expect either a negative or a positive outcome. We create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Nothing happens by chance or by mistake; rather it is the consequence of what we do, say, think or feel. And as long as we keep fearing a negative outcome, that is exactly what we will create.

Nothing is impossible for those who believe

Fulfil your dreams
Fulfilling your dream means facing your ‘self’. It means, In other words, finding out who you really are, what is your purpose in life, establishing what your life goals are and then finding the courage to fulfil your dreams, no matter how many steps you may have to take. The road may be long and you may not succeed the first time. Your first attempt may just be a trial run and you may have to try again and again. But when failure happens, when you realise you have made a mistake… do not stop there. We have to keep moving forward, on and on, until we reach our goals and fulfil our dreams. Remember, Thomas Edison did over 2400 experiments before he finally created the light bulb. But he persisted because he was determined to be an achiever. You can be a winner too! The choice is yours!

Success is failure turned inside out!

If you want to be successful in life there is only way and that way is right ahead of you. There is no turning back and no looking to the right or the left. It does no matter who or what you are; anyone can be successful…. if they want to be so. Your success does not depend on anyone else but you. You may need some help along the way and this is where I come in. I am ready to walk alongside you and help you find inside of you all that you need for your success. But remember…. Your failure or your success is your choice. What are you going to choose?