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Goals never reached!
Have you ever set New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps you have been planning to slim down or not be so angry or stop smoking. Or perhaps you have been planning to learn a particular skill or a new language or make that travel that you have been planning for a long time. Or perhaps you have been thinking of sorting out your relationships or changing your job> many ideas, many plans but… you have not quite got round them yet. Is that true for you too? The truth of the matter is that just as you have set those goals and promised yourself to keep them… you have for sure forgot them and failed to reach them. And that not just once but over and over again.

But there is even worse. Modern studies have time and time again confirmed an extraordinary fact: only 3% of people generally set goals. That means that the rest of us, 97% that is, do not even bother setting them! Why so few of us set goals? There are several reasons that people often give as an excuse but the most common one is simply that they just do not know how to set their goals.

Now that is an amazing fact when you think about it. We are so concerned about the immediate, the day to day life and we are so convinced about the saying that tomorrow is another day. Yet we fail to realise an important fact. We are the product of our past and what ever we do today can have tremendous implications and consequences for our future. We are so concerned with making do with the present that we are running the serious risk to have no tomorrows! All our attention is focussed on immediate satisfaction that we have completely sidelined the issue of our tomorrows. No wonder this generation has been called the ‘take away age’; taking away what we can today and tomorrow… well who knows! But it need not be like this.

You see, it is true that you cannot change your past. You cannot undo what has already taken place; what is done is done. The past, whether good or bad, is gone and is now been buried with its tragic or joyous memories. We are now living in the present and by our actions and our attitudes we can certainly change the present, at least in part. But above all we have the tremendous power in our hands to determine our future. We are the authors of our future! We are the creators of our tomorrows! What we want to be tomorrow is right here in our hands. And we can use this power positively… or throw in the dump.

That is why it is so important that we set clear and determined goals; achievable goals that we can focus upon and use as a guiding post for our life. Yet only 3% of people set them and know how to do it! In which group are you? Are you in the 3% or more likely in the 97%? One thing is sure: if you are in the latter group you are certainly in bad company! But this is the challenge that I want to give you. If you are part of the 97% is it not time that you do something about it? When are you going to stop being a failure and a loser? When are you going to take control of your life and make sure that you become a winner, an achiever?

The effect of goal setting
What will goal setting do for you? Let me share some pointers of goal setting:
• It will help you change your life for the better and become an achiever
• It will help you get what you really want from life
• It will give you a clear direction for every day action
• It will motivate you to be and do what you want to be and do
• It will help you measure the distance covered and the one yet to travel

And when you finally reach a goal you will experience an incredible joy and personal satisfaction. You will know then that you too are an achiever. Are you ready to become a winner? It does not matter what your goals are; the important is surely that you are achieving what ever you have set before you. And whether you are already a goal setter, or you are used to set goals and then quickly quit them, or you have never set goals before now is time to start changing your life and finally reaching the things that you have run after for many years. Today can be a day of new beginning. Are you ready to be an achiever or are you happy to stay where you are with what you have? The choice is yours!

If you want to take action and empower your life then read on. You may not know how to set your goals yet or you may have failed to reach them and right now you may feel discouraged or afraid that your goals are unattainable. What ever your situation today, there is a way out and that way is the way to your success. That is why I want to partner with you: to enable you to release the power within you and make you realise that what ever goal you may set for yourself can be reached. No, I have no secrets. And I do not have magic answers either. But I know that if you are like me the power is already within you; you just need to get it out and start using it. That is why I just want to come alongside you and enable you to do it. Are you ready to reach your goals? Ready to become an achiever? The choice is yours!