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I am happy to share some of the many letters of feedback that I receive all the time from many of my past and present clients. Confidentiality has been maintained for obvious reasons.

Alex is everything you would expect of a great coach, and more. He is a fantastic listener, empathises with you, yet never allows you to dwell on your issues for too long. His aim is to move you forward, gently and persuasively, but move you on nevertheless. His sessions are truly enjoyable yet never an easy option. If you are really serious about making significant changes in your life you should give him a try!
S. G. - Warwickshire

Alex Tana is one of the few sources I turn to every week for life-enhancing strategies and techniques. I recommend him to everyone! His dynamic sessions are something not to be missed.
J. S. - London

As a business woman and mother of a child with learning disabilities, I am continually looking for real and yet practical experiences from life to share with my organisation, my family and my children. Alex is the professional support that has helped me to make sense of life’s realities and to overcome my inhibitions and lack of confidence. I am constantly using what I have learnt both at work and at home. Life coaching with Alex is inspiring, positive, proactive... a MUST for anyone serious about wanting to live a positive and successful life
P. M. - London

When you go through a personal crisis in life it is so easy to lose your self-esteem and start to regard yourself as incapable and develop a sense of frustration and guilt. But I am happy that through Alex’s sessions I have turned the evil tide around and I am now happier than I ever been before. I want to thank you Alex for the many hours that you stood by me regardless of my moaning and groaning and for believing in me even when I didn’t.
K. P. – London

If you have been looking to move your personal development to a higher level and raise your standards both professionally and in your own personal life then Alex Tana is the person for you! When I am talking with him I think that he has been created specifically with me in mind. He understands situations in a flash and his constant prodding and encouraging moves me on and on. It is so exciting!
L. B. – Devon

Alex Tana not only motivates, excites and inspires you, but what he helps you to discover within you actually works! I would passionately recommend him to everyone searching for their winning path."
P. H. – Sussex

With Alex at your side, you have the most astonishing support and motivator to a successful, winning and full life that I have ever met! He is the guy who can turn every day into a victory! My desire? To be like Alex!
M. S. – Surrey

I was going through so many issues in my life that I was despairing. Yet, when I met Alex it was sufficient to talk to him for an hour over the phone to find a new perspective in my life and understand what my life could become. Since then it has been one step after another towards higher and higher goals. Just one thing though… Alex’s passion is infectious!
R. R. – Ayrshire