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1. You do not really know yourself
Who are you in life? Do you know what your personality is like? Do you know what you are really capable of? Have you always lived a life of ‘just making do’? Are you happy or feeling depressed and frustrated for the missed opportunities? Who are you … really?

2. There is no fulfilment in who you are and what you do
Are you proud of your achievements or do you feel that your life has never really started? Are you satisfied in what you have obtained in life? Or are you feeling restless, unfulfilled and confused for what you are facing? Are you struggling with problems still?

3. There is no progress, no future in your life
Do you know what your life goals are? Have you achieved any of them? Or are you still struggling to reach them? Do you keep hitting a blank wall or closed doors? Are you confident about tomorrow? And what about your dreams? Have you forgotten them or are you still focussing on them?

4. There is no purpose in your life
What do you live for? Is it something that is here today and gone tomorrow or is it something that will last after you? Do you feel that your life is just like a roller coaster or a merry-go-round? Are you making sense of what you are doing in life? Or do you live every day as it comes? Is your life really worth living? Are you power-full or power-less?

What can you do?

You too can…

• find a clear purpose for your life
• release the power within you
• reach your goals
• fulfil your dreams