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Who is behind Purpose Life Coaching?
Alex Tana is the founder of the organisation. He is an accomplished (personal) life coach, business coach mentor and trainer with over sixteen years experience in personal development of individuals and groups. He holds a number of professional qualifications such as a diploma in Coaching, NLP practitioner Certificate, Business Coaching certificate and others.

Alex graduated from university with a first class honours degree in Anthropology and sociology. During his successful career he has always focused on people and how best to support them in developing their full potential and overcome any challenges before them. He is definitely a "people person."

After working for many years in middle and senior management positions in various organisations he decided to go his own way and start his own business; he has never turned back on his decision! Over the years Alex has coached, mentored and trained many hundreds of people to become successful in their life, jobs, relationships, business, careers, weight management, overcoming addictions or what ever else his clients have presented him with.

As a result, so many people have experienced a real transformation in their lives in a way they never thought possible. Would you like to be one too? Are you ready for a life change?

Are you ready for a life change?

What is Purpose Life Coaching all about?
At Purpose Life Coaching I enable you and support you to experience a real, significant and lasting life change. Many satisfied clients testify that after being coached by me they are now in better control of their life, they know where they are going and what their purpose in life is. Not only that; but they have now become confident to use and release the power within them (their personality, skills, gifts, experience and other qualities) to positively improve their life. Above all they are now, at last, reaching their goals and fulfilling their life long dreams.

Is it not time that you do that too?

It does not matter where you live because much of life coaching is done over the telephone. (But if you want a face-to-face coaching that can be arranged too.) I am so convinced of the results that you too can experience that I am offering you a 20 minutes free introductory session to your life coaching. Just contact me today and start building your new you. Remember though…. tomorrow is one day less of real life. So get in touch today and start dreaming again. This is your time to live again! Remember…

you too can find a clear purpose for your life, release
the power within you, reach your goals and fulfil your dreams.