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What do you live for?
Have you ever wondered, have you ever asked yourself why you are here on earth? What are you living for? What are you hoping to achieve in life? What is the reason of your existence? No, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to be philosophical here; but the truth of the matter is that unless you know what you are living for then you life is like taking a train with no destination. Do you know where you are going? Or are you sailing just following the wind and where ever the wind blows your life goes with it too? Is this what you are living for?

In this time and age many of us, in fact far too many of us, live their life day by day without even knowing why they are alive. Jesus Christ came on earth and gave his life to save humanity from the power of sin and its evil consequences. Mother Theresa wanted to care for and comfort the poor, the sick and the needy all over the world. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to set his people free from colonial domination and the evil consequences of the fighting between Muslim and Hindus. Walt Disney wanted to use his creativity and imagination, as well as his skills, to make people happy. And I could carry on with many more examples. But what about you? What are you living for? What is your purpose for living?

Without purpose your life is just like a merry-go-round: one day you are happy, the next you are down. And the following day the pattern repeats itself; on and on, on and on, on and on. Is this the life you want? Is it not time that you knew where your life is going? Is it not time that you took control of your life, used the power within you and you did some of the things that mean so much to you? Is it not time that you started focussing on your life goals and working to finally fulfil your dreams? There is one problem though…. you need to discover your life purpose first. So, let me help you to understand why having a purpose is so important.

The 7 reasons for a life purpose
1. A purpose will give meaning to your life
2. A purpose will help you identify your goals
3. A purpose will keep your priorities in order
4. A purpose will motivate you into action
5. A purpose will release the power within you to live the present and establish your future
6. A purpose will develop your potential by stimulating your creativity and activating your initiative
7. A purpose will help you evaluate your progress

The power of purpose
A personal sense of purpose has two dimensions:
a) we work on it and shape it according to our circumstances and progress in life
b) it works on us giving us direction and momentum for action

Once you have determined your life purpose that purpose will work on your goals and your attitudes. That means that what ever the situation you are going through at the moment your life purpose should be your guiding force. Instead, when we surrender to our circumstances, we become slaves to our daily events. The result is that we will have good days and bad days, battles lost and victories struggled through. When we surrender to a clear and defined purpose we only have good days, where ever we go, what ever we do. Even in the midst of difficult times your purpose will drive you on and motivate you. Remember, a purpose never dies!

The 3 keys to purpose

1. It can be done!
You will need to raise your awareness of who has gone before you and done the same things or similar things. Let their actions and their lives be an example and an encouragement to you. It does not matter what your present reality is; it does not matter what your personal or financial situation is right now. What really matters is whether you are ready to do it because… it can be done!

2. You can do it!
You have to raise your self-confidence and self-motivation and realise that nothing is impossible for you… if you really want it. Just look around yourself and you will see that many achievements have been made by people from all walks of life and nationality and age and social background. The only reason why they did what they wanted to do is because they believed they could do it. And you can be one like them too! You can do it too!

3. You can win!
Determination and persistence always bring victory and success. The only difference between failure and success is the fact that some have carried on while others have stopped on the way. You can be the last one to arrive at the London marathon or you can be the winner. The choice is up to you. You can climb Mt Everest again or you can climb a sand dune; what is your dream in life? Are you really wanting to do something? Or is it only just talk and fancy thoughts in your mind? You have the choice!